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Court cheese Marer approx. 600 gr. - Marerhof San Candido

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21,42 EUR/kg.
Product No.: 54
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South Tyrolean Court cheese Marer approx. 600 gr. of the Marerhof Innichen - Puster Valley

We offer you here a form of court cheese approx. 600 gr., made raw cow milk, rennet and salt of the Marerhof in Innichen in the nice High Puster Valley

The Marerhof lies on 1.175 m at the foot of the Haunold mountain in Innichen/San Candido. Here sheep and nanny goats live on juicy mountain grass and spicy hay of the solar-spoilt meadows. In the Marerhof they renounce completely silage. And as excellently as the feed is also their raw milk which they return to the people.

A real natural product, purely preservatives and fully in the taste. The best conditions for a particular cheese.

The love to the mountainous country economy is also reflected in the processing of the precious raw milk. In the small cheese dairy in the Marerhof the fresh-milked milk is processed competently and warmed up on maximum 36 °. The cheese production takes place after strict quality criterions and is inspected by the South Tyrolean Cheese Dairy Union  regularly. Modern processing methods pair off with old-traditional cheese recipes. However, these remain a secret- Since only on the particular taste counts.

In the in-house humid-cool cheese cellar the cheese loaves mature 4 to 6 weeks into the perfect lusciousness.

On sale all cheese is packed airtight - under gap. Thus we guarantee for full quality and a safe transport at your home.

Buy now this product together with Schüttelbrot Trenker 200 gr.
Court cheese Marer approx. 600 gr. - Marerhof San Candido Schüttelbrot Trenker 200 gr.
15,39 EUR
You save: 0,31 EUR
incl. 4 % Tax excl.

Court cheese Marer approx. 600 gr. - Marerhof San Candido
ready for shipment: in stock
  Schüttelbrot Trenker 200 gr.
 — ready for shipment: in stock

Buy now this product together with ZigiZ approx. 500 gr. - Capriz Fine Cheese
Court cheese Marer approx. 600 gr. - Marerhof San Candido ZigiZ approx. 500 gr. - Capriz Fine Cheese
37,58 EUR
You save: 0,77 EUR
incl. 4 % Tax excl.

Court cheese Marer approx. 600 gr. - Marerhof San Candido
ready for shipment: in stock
  ZigiZ approx. 500 gr. - Capriz Fine Cheese
 — ready for shipment: in ca. 5 days

Coffee Espresso Bristot classico fine grind 1 kg.

The classic taste of original Italian coffee, roasted in the best Italian tradition. Perfect for every moment of the day, Bristot Classico is a distinct blend studied for those seeking a strong-flavoured coffee. Rich and intense.

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Prezzo 9,95 EUR
( 9,95 EUR/kg.)

Pepper cheese Mila approx. 650 gr.

As soon as the cheese is mature, it is rolled in black pepper. This gives it a covering of black pepper that rounds off its spicy, peppery flavour: a subtle, tasty combination of flavours that guarantees perfect satisfaction.

>> dettaglio

Prezzo 14,35 EUR
( 22,08 EUR/kg.)

Balsamic Cream Black Classic Torrione 250 ml. - Carandini

Produced the finest selection of musts and Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, these cream dressings add a sweet and sour note that goes with any dish, bringing out its flavour and quality. The Crema di Balsamico Carandini is something completely new in the sector and has been an international success because of its marvellous organoleptic properties, ease of use and versatility.

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Prezzo 6,85 EUR
( 27,40 EUR/lt.)

Ham bacon 6 mo. ripened 1/4 vac. appr. 1.1 kg - Kofler Speck

Kofler Speck is a South Tyrolean family enterprise with passion for bacon, sausages and meat products. After traditional and transmitted recipe refined generations and with very modern processing technologies we produce for over 30 years decent bacon, spicy Kaminwurzen (smoked sausages), Gselchtes (smoked cattle ham) and other high-class specialities.

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Prezzo 16,10 EUR
( 1,46 EUR/100 gr.)

Melus Mignon Camembert DEGUST approx. 150 gr.

Soft cheese bovine milk, Appearance: decorated with apples and nuts, Aroma: fruity - mushrooms - buttery, Flavour: pleasant acidity - lively, Consistency: creamy - fondant, Maturation: 3 weeks in the affining cell

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Prezzo 10,20 EUR
( 6,80 EUR/100 gr.)

Coffee Bristot Espresso Beans 1 kg.

A mixture studied purposely to obtain a coffee expressed by the intense and decided taste.

>> dettaglio

Prezzo 14,50 EUR
( 14,50 EUR/kg.)

Die echten Südtiroler Spezialitäten, Südtiroler Speck, Käse, Weine & italienische Feinkost bequem von zu Hause aus bestellen!

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Court cheese Marer approx. 600 gr. - Marerhof San Candido
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