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Barthenau Pinot Blanc Vigna S. Michele - 2014 - Winery Hofstätter

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Product No.: K393
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Grape Variety: Pinot Blanc

Vineyard/Origin: The grapes used to make this wine are grown around the Barthenau estate at an elevation of 1,476 ft/450 m above sea level. The vineyard is located on a gentle slope where both exposure to sunlight and air circulation are ideal, resulting in perfectly ripe and healthy grapes. The alternation between warm days and cool nights accounts for the firm backbone of fruity acidity and consequently excellent ageing qualities in the finished wine.

Soil: A mixture of clay, lime, eroded porphyry and fine gravel.

Winemaking: In order to accentuate the wine’s fruit aromas the juice is left to macerate with the skins for a few hours before pressing. The juice is allowed to clarify through sedimentation, after which it is filled into large oak casks where it ferments at a constant 19°C.

Maturation: One the fermentation is complete and the solid parts have settled, the clear young wine is racked, after which the Vigna San Michele is left to mature together with its fine lees in large oak casks for twelve months during which time the lees are stirred up once a week. The wine is subsequently bottle aged for six months before release.

Description: An extremely elegant wine with impressive structure and a full, complex bouquet, well-balanced on the palate with excellent mouth feel and fruit underpinned by firm, mouth-watering acidity.

Food Choices: Fish dishes, shellfish and crustaceans, white meats and poultry.

Buy now this product together with Pinot Noir Barthenau St. Urban - 2011 - Winery Hofstätter
Barthenau Pinot Blanc Vigna S. Michele - 2014 - Winery Hofstätter Pinot Noir Barthenau St. Urban - 2011 - Winery Hofstätter
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Barthenau Pinot Blanc Vigna S. Michele - 2014 - Winery Hofstätter
ready for shipment: in stock
  Pinot Noir Barthenau St. Urban - 2011 - Winery Hofstätter
 — ready for shipment: in stock

Buy now this product together with Vernatsch Menzen - 2014 - vine cellar Colterenzio
Barthenau Pinot Blanc Vigna S. Michele - 2014 - Winery Hofstätter Vernatsch Menzen - 2014 - vine cellar Colterenzio
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Barthenau Pinot Blanc Vigna S. Michele - 2014 - Winery Hofstätter
ready for shipment: in stock
  Vernatsch Menzen - 2014 - vine cellar Colterenzio
 — ready for shipment: in stock

Pinot Blanc Schulthauser - 2015 - Winery S. Michele Appiano

This Pinot Bianco is without a doubt the star amongst the wines of the St. Michael-Eppan cooperative winery. It is simply the wine to express most convincingly the quality potential South Tyrolean white wine and the philosophy behind the production methods used in winery. A straw colour with green lustre, it reveals a broad palette of scents, in particular apple, apricot, pear and a slight cedar wood fragrance. With its velvety smoothness and full-bodied acidity which underscore its strength and grandeur, this wine is a delight on the palate. A complete wine you don't come across every day, to satisfy many demands made by sophisticated cuisine.

>> dettaglio

Prezzo 13,85 EUR
( 18,47 EUR/lt.)

Lagrein Dunkel South Tyrol - 2015 - Elena Walch

The finest red autochthonous grape, fruity with formidable structure

>> dettaglio

Prezzo 15,50 EUR
( 20,67 EUR/lt.)

Lagrein Castel Turmhof - 2014 - Wine Cellar Tiefenbrunner

Deep garnet red in color, with a delicate bouquet showing the cherry note characteristic of the varietals; subtle wood tones complement its full and round fruit flavors. Compact tannins and an agreeable acidity carry this traditional South Tyrolean wine through to its long finish.

>> dettaglio

Prezzo 17,55 EUR
( 23,40 EUR/lt.)

Pinot Bianco Moriz - 2014 - winery Termeno

Pinot Bianco is part of the Burgundian Pinot family and is related to Pinot Grigio and the principal grape of Pinot family, Pinot Noir. As a wine, Pinot Blanc feels fresh and rich yet dry. It has a greenish yellow to light yellow color and light scents of green apple. The wine also shows a complex nutty flavor and hints of green leaves. It feels balanced between richness of texture and bright acidity.

>> dettaglio

Prezzo 14,30 EUR
( 19,07 EUR/lt.)

Chardonnay Sanct Valentin - 2014 - Winery S. Michele Appiano

A wine with international style, produced only in good years the best grapes. This vouches for its excellent reputation. The wine has a gold-yellow colour, with a pronounced vanilla tone that arises its maturation in small oak casks and strong aromas of ripe fruits, this Chardonnay also establishes itself on the palate, strong and rich, with a pleasant fullness of body. Its refinement is especially distinguished and sets it apart. A Chardonnay for those who are seeking an especially unique wine, to enjoy either by itself or as companion to refined dishes of sophisticated cuisines, and one which will turn into an even more special experience after several years of additional maturation in the bottle.

>> dettaglio

Prezzo 24,30 EUR
( 32,40 EUR/lt.)

Pinot Grigio Sanct Valentin - 2013 - Winery S. Michele Appiano

Without exaggerating: this is an exclusive white wine. Vini - fied the best grapes, maturation in oak casks makes this wine something really special, starting with the strong, golden colour. The fine, elegant aromas are reminiscent of honey produced blossom and tropical fruits. Pleasant vanilla fragrances and a light, buttery taste are noted in the palate. Acidity and smoothness harmonise to make tasting this wine a true pleasure. Indeed, this is a wine to satisfy even the most discerning connosseur. It is an excellent accompaniment to fish dishes, especially fresh water fish.

>> dettaglio

Prezzo 24,30 EUR
( 32,40 EUR/lt.)

Die echten Südtiroler Spezialitäten, Südtiroler Speck, Käse, Weine & italienische Feinkost bequem von zu Hause aus bestellen!

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