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Bozner Leiten South Tyrol - 2014 - Winery Putzenhof

Luminous ruby-red colour; intensive, fruity aroma with fresh odour marks of violet, forest fruits and sour cherry; round, well-balanced taste. Medium strong body; long persistent aftertaste with soft tannic acid and a fine mark of bitter almond.

Grauvernatsch South Tyrol - 2015 - Tenuta Larcherhof

light ruby to deep ruby red colour, pleasant and fruity on the palate

Grauvernatsch South Tyrol - 2015 - vinery Bolzano

Reviews: 5 from 5 stars

Grauvernatsch South Tyrol - 2015 - wine cellar Lageder Alois

Grauvernatsch South Tyrol - 2015 - Winery Muri-Gries

Colour: ruby red with violet tones Aroma: open and fruity with heart cherries and Mon Chéri pralines, a hint of cinnamon and marzipan Taste: smooth and fruity, well-structured with soft tannins, sophisticated yet invitingly drinkable with the typical lightness of a Vernatsch wine, fruity and long in the finish

Reviews: 4 from 5 stars

Kolbenhofer Vernatsch Schiava - 2014 - Winery Hofstätter

It is full ruby in colour with violet reflexes, fresh and intensely fruity on the nose, fragrant with a flavour of woodland berry fruits on the palate and a lightly almondy finish. The wine’s succulent, gentle fruity character , soft, unobtrusive tannins and mild supple acidity make it a favourite for social drinking.

Meraner Hügel South Tyrol - 2015 - Winery Pardellerhof

Tender Ruby-red, fresh smell reminding in raspberries and cherries, mild-soft however stimulating taste.

Schiava Baslan - 2013 - Tenuta Kränzel South Tyrol

Schiava Breitbacher - 2015 - Castelfeder Winery

This wine once again proves the great potential of the Schiava variety. Bright ruby-red colour, it shows fine friut aromas as well as vinous flavours. With its light and smooth tannin and a pleasant freshness, this well-balanced wine is uncomplicated and easy-drinking and the perfect combination to traditional Speck (a kind of smoked bacon).

Reviews: 4.5 from 5 stars

Schiava Campaner - 2014 - Winery Caldaro

With a brilliant ruby red color in the glass, it has a slightly restrained, fruity nose and an elegant bouquet. The fruit structure and velvety texture gives the wine a full round finish.

Schiava Castel Turmhof - 2015 - Winery Tiefenbrunner

This wine once again proves the great potential of the Vernatsch variety. Bright ruby-red in color, it shows fine fruit aromas as well as vinous flavors of marzipan and light bitter almond. With light tannins and pleasant freshness, this well-balanced wine is uncomplicated and easy-drinking.

Schiava Eines Fürsten Traum - 2015 - Cantina Merano

Bright Ruby red color. The Bouquet reminds of violets and almonds. The taste is elegant, soft with a well balanced acid.

Reviews: 5 from 5 stars

Schiava Freisinger - 2014 - cantina Termeno

Schiava Grigia - 2015 - Winery Terlano Alto Adige

Color: pale ruby. Smell: Pomegranate, violet and the aroma of almonds or marzipan give the Schiava Grigia its very fresh and stimulating bouquet. Taste: With its soft fruit and velvety texture combined with a spicy-salty finish and the low tannin content that is characteristic of Schiava Grigia, this is an uncomplicated and very quaffable red wine.

Schiava Grigia South Tyrol - 2015 - vine cellar St. Pauls

Among the Vernatsch varieties, Grauvernatsch has particularly noticeable and delicate aromas. These light and agreeable character make it a pleasure to drink.

Reviews: 3 from 5 stars

Schiava Hexenbichler - 2015 - cantina Termeno

Reviews: 4.8 from 5 stars

Schiava Mediaevum - 2015 - Gumphof Alto Adige

Schiava Missianer - 2014 - vine cellar St. Pauls

Vernatsch is a traditional South Tyrolean grape, greatly contributing to the local wine culture through its uncomplicated drinkability. New quality parameters and modern production methods have ensured that its popularity has continued to increase in recent years. In the village Missian this grape finds the best conditions to create this succulent fruity and elegant red wine.

Reviews: 4.7 from 5 stars

Schiava Pagis - 2015 - Winery S. Michele Appiano South Tyrol

A red wine made the Schiava grape, which is still the most widely-cultivated in South Tyrol. This variety has been able to develop and improve to its best form in special cultivation areas, such as on the hills of Pagis in Ap - piano. Its clear, ruby red colour is charming; the wine re - veals fruity aromas, gentle violets and jasmine. A Schiava which, thanks to its multifaceted character, is excellently suited as an accompaniment for most dishes throughout an entire meal. It goes especially well with traditional Tyrolean snacks such as bread with bacon, sausages and cheeses. This wine is drunk young at cellar temperature chilled but not cold.

Schiava Passion - 2014 - vine cellar St. Pauls

Based on its fullness and body, it is an extraordinary Vernatsch.

Schiava Sofi - 2015 - Winery Franz Haas

Schiava South Tyrol - 2015 - Winery Andrian

Ruby-red; Aroma fruity and flowery with a characteristic almond-note; Taste dry, crisp and harmonious with a pleasant acidity.

Schiava South Tyrol DSP - 2015 - Winery Colterenzio

Schiava South Tyrol Light - 2015 - Wine Cellar Tiefenbrunner

A light-red wine with brilliant reflections. It is fresh and fruity and reminiscent of cherries, violets and bitter almonds. Harmonious in flavour with light tannin in the finish. An uncomplicated, eminently drinkable, wine.

Reviews: 5 from 5 stars

Schiava St. Valentin - 2014 - cantina Merano Burggräfler

Schiava Val Venosta Sonnenberg - 2015 - cantina Merano

Schiava Vernatsch South Tyrol - 2015 - Winery Ebner

Reviews: 5 from 5 stars

Schickenburg Graf von Meran - 2014 - Vinery Merano

Schiava Schickenburger - 2009 - Vinery Burggräfler South Tyrol

Reviews: 5 from 5 stars

Vernatsch Amadeus - 2014 - Winery Lieselehof

Reviews: 4.8 from 5 stars

Vernatsch Fass Nr. 9 - 2015 - Winery Girlan

Vernatsch Fass Nr. 9 HB 0,375 lt. - 2014 - Winery Girlan

Vernatsch Fass Nr. 9 Magnum - 2013 - Winery Girlan

Vernatsch Galea - 2014 - cantina soc. Nals-Margreid

Vernatsch Gschleier - 2014 - Winery Girlan

The Schiava grape is a varietal specific to South Tyrol and has a subtle and delicate aroma. With its reserved character, the Schiava is able to highlight every delicious dish. The Gschleier vineyards distinguish themselves by vineyards that are now more than 100 years old.

Vernatsch Isarcus - 2015 - Winery Griesbauerhof

Dark ruby-red with garnet reflexes, fruity and spicy on the nose with hints of cranberry and violets. Powerful and well structured with round, soft tannins; persistent and long.

Vernatsch Küchelberg Festival - 2015 - winery Merano

The color is ruby red; in the bouquet we have almonds, violets and red fruits; the taste is mild, with soft tannins and a fine, stimulating finish.

Reviews: 4 from 5 stars

Vernatsch Menzen - 2014 - vine cellar Colterenzio

This delicate, slender, pale red the Vernatsch variety was grown o old vines in the Menzenhof farmstead at Cornaiano. Its vibrant fruit and delicately bitter aftertaste make the Menzenhof the most typical varietal Vernatsch wine in all South Tyrol.

Reviews: 3.5 from 5 stars

Vernatsch Rotfüssler - 2015 - vine cellar Colterenzio

Light and easy drinking, accentuated fruit and discreet toasted almond on the finish.

Vernatsch Schiava Merano - 2015 - Winery Popphof

Vernatsch Schiava South Tyrol - 2015 - Winery Girlan

The Schiava grape varietal and all of its variations are exceptional traditional vines this area which are meeting with ever more success. This wine has a fine, delicate, harmonious and velvety aroma. It is a lively, young and inviting red that can be served on any occasion.

Vernatsch Schiava South Tyrol - 2015 - Winery Prackfol

An extremely well-balanced wine, ruby red in color, with fruity aromas of raspberries, strawberries and cherries, and notes of bitter almond. Well-rounded in taste and pleasantly fresh. In short, a varietal wine of notable drinkability.

Vernatsch South Tyrol - 2014 - Winery Baron Widmann

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