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Traditional Bacon Speck Bernardi Karl 1/4 app. 1 kg.

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22,60 EUR
incl. 10 % Tax excl.
ready for shipment: in ca. 5 days
22,60 EUR/kg.
Product No.: 12
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BERNARDI bacon - the time to the maturity is esteemed to us

Today as at that time we process after traditional production procedure nearly all parts of the pig, e.g., the leg, the square, the pork nape, the belly, the shoulder and the cheek. In addition to this already very unusual assortment we still produce the "traditional farm bacon" which is produced without exception of local pigs. This is marked as a rule with our fire sign belonging to company. Because of the different bandage fabric of the single meat parts we are able with the use of one single salt/herbs-mixture to give this one own individual character and taste.

The salt spice mixture protected since generations refined every now and then is one herbs, berries, salt and other spices composite recipe which vouches for the unique and distinctive taste of our products. Besides, we place great value of the fact that some berries not to ground, but traditionally are rammed to heat up the contained essence oils on no case and to cause therefore restorative bitter substances.

Our bacon becomes salted with 2.3% on 1 kg of meat. The brine time amounts four weeks and all bacon sides are restacked weekly, besides, must be always also respected the temperature of the brine cell.

The maturity of a good bacon determines the nature only. We create ideal, always constant conditions and give to every item of BERNARDI bacon the time which requires for an optimum maturity.

Buy now this product together with Vinschgauer Trenker 300 gr.
Traditional Bacon Speck Bernardi Karl 1/4 app. 1 kg. Vinschgauer Trenker 300 gr.
25,41 EUR
You save: 0,52 EUR
incl. 10 % Tax excl.

Traditional Bacon Speck Bernardi Karl 1/4 app. 1 kg.
ready for shipment: in ca. 5 days
  Vinschgauer Trenker 300 gr.
 — ready for shipment: in stock

Buy now this product together with Speck Edelweiss Nocker 1/2 appr. 700 gr.
Traditional Bacon Speck Bernardi Karl 1/4 app. 1 kg. Speck Edelweiss Nocker 1/2 appr. 700 gr.
34,59 EUR
You save: 0,71 EUR
incl. 10 % Tax excl.

Traditional Bacon Speck Bernardi Karl 1/4 app. 1 kg.
ready for shipment: in ca. 5 days
  Speck Edelweiss Nocker 1/2 appr. 700 gr.
 — ready for shipment: in stock

Seasoned cheek ham app. 1 kg. - Paolazzi Butchery

the meat of the swine cheek is salted, peppered, lightly cold-smoked and put to mature into special premises. Perfect if cut thin, to cubes, as ingredient characterised for varied preparations of juices and condiments (carbonara, strained eggs, beans...)

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Prezzo 20,25 EUR
( 2,03 EUR/100 gr.)

Pecorino Ennese Saffron + Pepper Cas. Il Cavalcatore ap. 500 gr.

Cut cheese ewe's milk, Appearance: wrinkly rind - saffron-yellow interior, Aroma: saffron - strong floral scents, Flavour: harmonic - sheeps's milk - complex aftertaste, Consistency: rubbery - crumbly, Maturation: 2 months in the refining cell

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Prezzo 27,55 EUR
( 55,10 EUR/kg.)

Pecorino Fiorino Gigante Dairy Il Fiorino approx. 500 gr.

Region: Maremma, Appearance: Cylinder with 35 cm of diameter, Smell: intensely, vegetal and fruity, Taste and aroma: intensely - persistently, Consistency and structure: compact dough - mellow-melting, Maturation: approx. 60 days of ripe cellar.

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Prezzo 26,50 EUR
( 53,00 EUR/kg.)

Lucente IGT - 2014 - Marchesi de Frescobaldi

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Prezzo 38,30 EUR
( 51,07 EUR/lt.)

Salami Gustonetto Villani ca. 270 gr.

The Hungarian Salami Villani is prepared with meats of pure national swine, the thinnest grinding, and with paprika addition. The exclusive characteristics of this salami are the smoking method, made full-scale with beech wood, and its aromatizations obtained with infusions prepared with juniper, cloves and canine rose. It comes seasoned a long time, for further 100 days, and is characterised for the amber colour of its surface after peeling it.

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Prezzo 8,70 EUR
( 32,22 EUR/kg.)

Wild hare ragout home-made Villgrater 170 gr.

Decent and home-made wild hare ragout of the butcher's shop Villgrater, simply warm up and put about the cooked pasta (spaghetti, penne or any kind of noodles), polenta, Crostini or on the rice.. After opening it, put in refrigerator and consume within less days.

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Prezzo 6,50 EUR
( 3,82 EUR/100 gr.)

Die echten Südtiroler Spezialitäten, Südtiroler Speck, Käse, Weine & italienische Feinkost bequem von zu Hause aus bestellen!

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Traditional Bacon Speck Bernardi Karl 1/4 app. 1 kg.
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