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Champagne Moet & Chandon Reserve Imperiale Boll. Blu - Moet & Chandon

Champagner Dom Perignon - 2006 - Moet & Chandon Champagne

Moet & Chandon Rosé Imperial - Moet & Chandon

Champagne Cristal Brut Millésimé confection 0,75 lt. - 2007 - Louis Roederer

Brilliant yellow colour displaying light amber nuances, combined with an ultra-fine, persistent, soft effervescence. There's an intense, highly expressive bouquet on the first nose! The aromatic elegance and precision of Chardonnay is apparent: white fruit, sweet pollen, fine citrus fruit and very pure minerality. After a few minutes, the aromas move on to more confit, lightly grilled hints. The bouquet is rich and sweet, almost generous, remaining precise and impeccably refined. The bite in the mouth is full and creamy, revealing an incredible concentration of juicy fruits: yellow peach, apricot, mango and others. This silky, meaty concentration, which is both dense and soft - and typical of great Pinot noir - is immediately combined with a sophisticated touch of acidity, ringing the wine alive with minerality. The overriding impression is one of a true harmony of flavours, senses and silky textures... Absolute sensuality.

Champagner Veuve Clicquot Saint Petersbourg - Champagne Moet & Chandon

Champagne Reserve Rosée - 2010 - Philipponnat Champagne

Champagne Brut Souverain - Henriot

On the eye: The colour is characterised by a brilliant light straw-gold. Effervescence is dense and persistent, with fine, regular bubbles. On the nose: Initially the nose is precise, expressive and refreshing, with notes of citrus and yellow fruit; floral fragrances (vine flowers, elderflowers) and pastry aromas (brioche, toast, grilled almond) follow. On the palate: A lively, fresh and balanced attack, with pastry, spice (vanilla) and fruity (morello cherry, candied plum) notes. The full texture precedes a clean, refreshing finish marked by citrus fruit aromas.

Champagner Cuvee Prestige Brut Rosè Millesime - 2008 - De Vilmont Champagne

Created a blend of grapes comprising 60% Chardonnay and 40% Pinot Noir saigné. Harbinger of good humour and joy, its pale salmon pink colour with amber flashes and its characteristic all-embracing perfume will captivate you with a florid flavour of red fruit, grapefruit and violets. Clear with a fine persistent perlage, this is a wine with a delicate intense scent that is both fruity and floral. Well structured, well- balanced and rounded on the palate, it is distinguished by its persistent flavour, accentuated by its vivacious bubbles and its elegant freshness.

Champagne Non Dose Grand Cru NV - Soutiran

Champagner Krug Gran Cuvée - Krug Champagne

Champagne Grand Blanc - 2007 - Philipponnat Champagne

To the eye: Light gold with a lively, delicate froth. With the nose: Great subtlety. Subtle aromas of white flowers and white-fleshed fruit. After breathing, notes of hazelnut and brioche develop. With the mouth: Full and generous with a subtle, melting texture.

Champagne Grande Reserve 1er Cru Brut 0,75 lt. - Vilmart & Cie

Champagne Royale Reserve Brut - 2012 - Philipponnat Champagne

To the eye: Deep gold in colour with amber glints. Delicate froth, lively and lingering. With the nose: the first nose reveals vine blossom, linden and fresh, lightly toasted bread. after breathing, aromas of summer berries, citrus fruit and honey develop. With the mouth: Fine vinous attack on the palate, fruity (redcurrant, raspberry, ripe grape) and full- bodied, generous and long. Light notes of biscuit and freshly baked bread on the finish.

Champagner Brut Rosé - Legras & Haas

Champagne Rosé Reserve - Charles Heidsieck

Champagne Brut Reserve - Charles Heidsieck

Champagne Instant Le Cran Extra Brut - 2007 - Bereche

Champagne Signature Grand Cru Brut NV 0,375 l Demi - Soutiran

Champagne Special Club Grand Cru - 2005 - Bara Paul

Champagne Brut Millesime - 2006 - Charles Heidsieck

Champagne Brut 0,75 lt. - Ruinart Champagner

Champagne Rosé 0,75 lt. - Ruinart

The colour is a delicate pomegranate pink with very slightly orange reflections. The sparkling, light effervescence has a persistent foam. The nose is subtle and fresh, first offering an original palette of tropical fruits (guava and lychee) and small berries (raspberries, cherries and wild strawberries) in the first instance. These are followed by rose and pomegranate notes which complete the complex, intense aromatic profile, dominated by somewhat undeveloped primary aromas. On the palate the attack is distinct and full, cradled by a gentle effervescence. The aromas of freshly picked berries are fully expressed. The balance brings together a delightful freshness and voluptuous body, expressed by an elegant bracing touch of mint and pink grapefruit.

Champagner Royale Reserve Brut HB 0,375 lt. - 2012 - Philipponnat Champagne

Champagner Brut Tradition Gran Cru - Egly Ouriet

Champagne Blanc de Blancs 0,75 lt. - Ruinart

Beautiful pale golden yellow colour with gentle green reflections, a vibrant, luminous colour. Active effervescence with a persistent release of bubbles. At first very intense on the nose, with fresh fruit notes, particularly ripe citrus fruits. A second refined floral nose with notes of white flowers and fruits (white peaches, pineapple). A supple, harmonious attack on the palate, very rounded. Vinosity that is not excessive, supported by excellent freshness. Notes of nectarines, citrus fruits with a pleasant mineral quality in the finish. Long, very refreshing finish.

Champagne Dom Ruinart Millesimé 0,75 lt. - 2002 - Dom Ruinart

Dom Ruinart 2002 reveals a vibrant, clear yellow colour enhanced with highlights of green almond. The mousse is fine and elegant. The youth of the wine is evident on the nose with aromas of white flowers (linden blossom), fresh yellow plums, nashi pears and bergamot citrus character. Allowing it to breathe reveals a rich base, with notes of biscuits and coconut followed by hazelnuts. The intensity is highlighted by a mineral, minty freshness. On the palate the freshness of citrus and tropical fruit culminates with superb mineral quality and a touch of gunflint. The result is a focussed purity and exceptional length supported by subtle effervescence and beautifully integrated vibrant acidity.

Champagne Brut HB 0,375 lt. - Ruinart

Champagne Brut Magnum 1,5 lt. - Ruinart

Champagne Brut 0,75 lt. - Breton Stephane

Champagne Dizy Terres Rouges Extra Brut 0,75 lt. - 2008 - Jacquesson

Champagne Grand Cellier d'Or 1er Cru Brut 0,75 lt. - 2007 - Vilmart & Cie

Champagne Initial Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs 0,75 lt. - Jacques Selosse

Champagne Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial - Moet & Chandon

Champagne Sainte Anne Brut 0,75 lt. - Chartogne-Taillet

Champagne Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin - Moet & Chandon

Champagner Brut Blanc de Blancs - De Vilmont

Made exclusively of Chardonnay grapes, it undergoes three-year maturation in caves. This champagne is clear and brilliant with a golden straw colour with greenish flashes and has an extremely fine and persistent perlage. Finer and more delicate to the nose than most due to its various floral (lime and lilac), fruity (apricot) and spicy (vanilla) scents, its sweet fruity flavours and floral, honeyed bouquet make it pleasant on the palate. Well structured in its acidulous and sweet parts, it features excellent persistence of flavour, an exclusive prerogative of its vivacious bubbles and its innate freshness.

Champagner Blanc de Blanc Extra Brut Grand Cru - Legras & Haas

Champagner Blanc de Blanc Brut Grand Cru - Legras & Haas

Champagne Brut Tradition - Legras & Haas

Prélude Brut 6 x 0,75 lt. - Champagne Taittinger

Nocturne Sec 'City Lights' 6 x 0,75 lt. - Champagne Taittinger

Champagne Clos de Goisses - 2004 - Philipponnat Champagne

To the eye: Golden in colour with fine and delicate froth. W With the nose: Very fine aromatic complexity with a first nose of crystallised angelica, developing into light notes of pastries, cream and vanilla. With the mouth: The structure is creamy and fluid, extremely delicate with persistent minerality.

Champagner Brut Grande Réserve Premier Cru - De Vilmont

Made of 50% Chardonnay grapes, 25% Pinot Noir and 25% Pinot Meunier, matured in caves for 3 years, this is a champagne that sums all the inebriating perfumes of the grapes used. Clear and crystalline, it is golden with copper flashes and features a fine vivacious perlage and a harmonious complex bouquet. Fine and delicate, it reveals scents of violets and aromas of woodland fruits. Well structured, with just the right balance between acidulous and sweet, the wine is full-bodied and vinous to the palate, and leaves a final sensation that is rounded, balanced and fine.

Nocturne Sec 'City Lights' Rosé 6 x 0,75 lt. - Champagne Taittinger

Champagne Taittinger Demi Sec 6 x 0,75 lt.

Nocturne Sec 'City Lights' - 6 x 0,75 lt. - Champagne Taittinger

Nocturne Sec 'City Lights' 3 x MAGNUM Champagne Taittinger

Champagne Les Mont Fournois Extra Brut - 2012 - Bereche

Champagne Reflet d'Anta - Bereche

Champagne Cumières Brut Nature Premier Cru - Georges Laval

Champagner Royale Reserve Brut Magnum - 2010 - Philipponnat Champagne

To the eye: Deep gold in colour with amber glints. Delicate froth, lively and lingering. With the nose: the first nose reveals vine blossom, linden and fresh, lightly toasted bread. after breathing, aromas of summer berries, citrus fruit and honey develop. With the mouth: Fine vinous attack on the palate, fruity (redcurrant, raspberry, ripe grape) and full- bodied, generous and long. Light notes of biscuit and freshly baked bread on the finish.

Champagne Chardonnay Les Beaux Regards Extra Brut - 2012 - Bereche

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