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Sparkling Wine

Franciacorta Satèn Millesimato 75 cl. - 2013 - Quadra

The SATÈN, Franciacorta's prerogative and essence, is distinguished for the exclusive presence of white grapes and berries, and for the inferior pressure (4.5 atmosphere instead of 6) in respect to the other Franciacorta wines. Composing this wine is the variety and less pressure, determining the "smooth" taste of Satèn. The harvest was obtained a cuvée of pure Chardonnay, part of which was fermentation and refined in oak barrels, being the first to be called "millesimo" on the label.

Spumante Cuvee Imperial Brut 75 cl. - Cantina Berlucchi

Ideal as an aperitif, with all antipasti, but perfect as well with dishes featuring fish, rice, pasta, light meats, full-flavoured fish, and with fresh or medium-aged cheeses.

Prosecco Valdobbiadene D.O.C. Brut "Fagher" Magnum 1,5 lt. - Le Colture

The fine perlage ensures the persistence of its taste and freshness of the palate combined with its adaptability of being served with a wide range of foods, although it is particularly appreciated served at a temperature of 7/9 C with simple and more creative fish and vegetable hors d'oeuvres, seafood pasta dishes and roast fish or even, as is customary in the area where it is produced, to be drunk throughout the entire meal.

Reviews: 5 from 5 stars

Franciacorta Brut 75 cl. - winery Il Mosnel

After a minimum of 18 months on the lees, the bottle is riddled to concentrate the sediment against the temporary cap, then disgorged and packaged. Our Franciacorta Brut displays a delicate, subtle bouquet that is still crisp and fruity, and quite long lasting; in the mouth it is attractively dry, with a velvety texture and exceptionally fine balance. The bead boasts dense, pin-point bubbles, with a foamy mousse seems almost endless.

Franciacorta Satén Millesimato 75 cl. - 2014 - winery Il Mosnel

After a minimum of 30 months on the lees, our Franciacorta Satèn is riddled to concentrate the sediment against the temporary cap, then disgorged and packaged. It releases complex fragrances of fruit and impressions of smooth vanilla, and opens to a generous palate of multi-layered ripe fruit and tea biscuits. It displays a classically delicate, lingering mousse that caresses the palate with inimitable grace.

Brut Secolo Novo Millesimato D.O.C.G. 75 cl. - Le Marchesine

The colour is yellow with green reflections. The perlage is very fine and persistent. The bouquet is delicate and compact, followed by a dry taste and the distinctive finish of its full flavour.

Prosecco Superiore DOCG Brut Cuvee di BOJ Double Magnum - 3 lt. - Valdo

Refined, harmonious, lingering aroma and sapidity. At best with fish preparations. Excellent as an aperitif but even better as an all-meal companion.

Prosecco Superiore DOCG Brut Cuvee del Fondatore Magnum 1,5 lt. - Valdo

Full, harmonious and velvety taste with a clear-cut personality. Fruity fragrances melt with the spicy barrique aromas. The fine quality of this sparkling wine makes it perfect for important occasions, celebrations, and special events. Excellent either as an aperitif or served throughout the meal. Best when matched to fish and white meat dishes, but will also marry well with other even unusual preparations.

Sparkling Wine Brut Riserva Hausmannhof 75 cl. - 2011 - Winery Haderburg

Color: clear and bright straw yellow, Nose: the scent is so rich, complex and lingering that it is difficult to describe all the hints that compose it and alternate in the course of time. Flavor: dry, with fine vigor and great liveliness, Perlage: fine and continuous. Riserva Hausmannhof is only produced in good vintage years.

Sparkling Wine Quality South Tyrol Brut Magnum WC m. cl. 1,5 lt. - Arunda Vivaldi

Full fruity and flattering taste, balanced and pleasant to drink thank of the harmonius interplay of a light, somewhat sweet note and a deliciously bitter finish reminiscent of almonds. An extremly pleasing and uncomplicated sparkling wine and excellent product which is wonderfully suited as an aperitif.

Prosecco Valdobbiadene D.O.C. Extra Dry Giall'Oro Magnum 1,5 lt. - Ruggeri

It is gently sweet and fresh on the palate and pleasantly light in alcohol, extremely smooth and well-balanced with long and fruity finish. With its great versatility, Giall'Oro can be enjoyed equally well as an aperitif or to enhance the close of a meal. Indeed, this is a wine that can brighten up any hour of the day.

Franciacorta Brut D.O.C.G. Magnum 1,5 lt. - Le Marchesine

The colour is yellow with refrelections of green. The perlage is fine and persistent. The bouquet is distinctive and compact, followed by a dry taste and finish abundant in elegance and full flavours.

Franciacorta Brut D.O.C.G. Methusalem 6 lt. - Le Marchesine

The colour is yellow with refrelections of green. The perlage is fine and persistent. The bouquet is distinctive and compact, followed by a dry taste and finish abundant in elegance and full flavours.

Sparkling Wine Praeclaurs Cuvee Brut Magnum 1,5 lt. - Winery St. Pauls

The base wine for our sparkling wine is made using Chardonnay grapes the finest locations around the village St. Pauls. These vineyards stand on a moraine, high above the village, known for its elevated lime stone content and intense temperature fluctuations day to night. The PRAECLARUS Cuvée St. Pauls Brut is then matured for 48 months on fine lees in a bunker the Second World War, at a constant temperature of 12 º. All of these factors combine to create a wine that is fruity, juicy and complex.

Prosecco Superiore di Cartizze ZERO Brut - Duca di Dolle

APPEARANCE: Clear and bright wine, pale yellow coloured with greenish glints, fine and persistent perlage. NOSE: Strong and agreeable bouquet with flowery notes, enriched by the typical hints of citrus fruit, green apple and acacia flowers. PALATE: Harmonious and balanced, with excellent sapidity; creamy and velvety in mouth. Long lasting flavour with notes of acacia and green apple.

Honor Venezia Doc 75 cl. - Astoria

Honor Venezia Doc 75 cl. - Astoria

Ferrari Perlé Millesimato 75 cl. - 2015 - winery Ferrari

A vintage Blanc de Blancs of incontrovertible excellence, obtained just Chardonnay grapes the Lunelli family's own vineyards. After a long period of maturation in the bottle it becomes a synthesis of elegance, freshness and harmonious complexity.

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