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Crisp Bread Rabanser with kamut hand-shaked 155 gr.

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3,77 EUR/100 gr.
Product No.: RAB02
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70% wheat flour, 30% Kamut flour bio.

Look in the baking room...

The production of "Schüttelbrot" begins with the preparation of a very soft dough. After short rest time the baker with skilled hand forms round dough-forms which weigh according to size of the end product between 50 and 200 gr. These dough-forms must "cook" 15 till minutes and, besides, level on about 3 cm of thickness.

Then the final form originates while shake - an amazing technic which requires talent and exercise: dough-form for dough-form is put on an easily floured round wooden board. The baker turns it fast in the circle and, besides, throws the dough permanently easily upwards. This loosens the dough and makes in at the same time more and more level. Already after few seconds he has the desired circumference as well as a thickness of only some 0.5 cm. Now it goes in the oven. With 230 ° C. the "Schüttelbrote" are ready at 15 to 30 min. They must cool down well so that the last remainder of humidity escapes.

It is more rationally of course to squirt the dough-forms by machine on an oiled baking sheet where they completely melt without shake alone. However, after the baking appears that hand-shaken bread is really different. One recognises it by the dark spot in the middle ("Herzerl"), in the rough flourished back and by the especially crunchy bite. And because manual labour has its price, making crisp bread costs traditionally more.

The hand-shaked crisp bread is packaged in still very fresh condition and still contains rest humidity, hence, we recommend to take the bread already some days before the consumption the packing and to let be at a distance a little bit.

Buy now this product together with Schüttelbrot Trenker 200 gr.
Crisp Bread Rabanser with kamut hand-shaked 155 gr. Schüttelbrot Trenker 200 gr.
8,77 EUR
You save: 0,18 EUR
incl. 4 % Tax excl.

Crisp Bread Rabanser with kamut hand-shaked 155 gr.
ready for shipment: in stock
  Schüttelbrot Trenker 200 gr.
 — ready for shipment: in stock

Buy now this product together with Crispy Bread with Onion & Chives package 10 x 125 gr. - Fritz & Felix
Crisp Bread Rabanser with kamut hand-shaked 155 gr. Crispy Bread with Onion & Chives package 10 x 125 gr. - Fritz & Felix
21,32 EUR
You save: 0,43 EUR
incl. 4 % Tax excl.

Crisp Bread Rabanser with kamut hand-shaked 155 gr.
ready for shipment: in stock
  Crispy Bread with Onion & Chives package 10 x 125 gr. - Fritz & Felix
 — ready for shipment: in stock

Dried Fungi boletus-shiitake-champignon mixed Dolomites 100 gr.

In the uncontaminated woods of the Dolomites, experts choose, pick and prepare the most selected products.

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Prezzo 14,35 EUR
( 14,35 EUR/100 gr.)

Taleggio D.O.P. Cheese Arrigoni approx. 500 gr.

Soft cheese bovine milk, Appearance: square-shapes - washed rind, Aroma: mushrooms - sweaty odour, Flavour: mild - buttery - sweet - strong-flavoured - intensity increases with maturation, Consistency: very soft, Maturation: 10 weeks in the natural cellar in wooden crates

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Prezzo 14,80 EUR
( 29,60 EUR/kg.)

Original Mezet Speck Bacon Sarntal L. Moser 1/2 app. 4,5 kg.

The Mezet bacon disposes of a little bit more white bacon interest and is milder therefore and more delicately in the taste.

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Prezzo 99,50 EUR
( 22,11 EUR/kg.)

Plum Liqueur Prugna Pircher South Tyrol 70 cl.

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Prezzo 11,70 EUR
( 16,71 EUR/lt.)

Ham Bacon South Tyrol PGI 1/4 vac. approx. 1 kg - Kofler Speck

Kofler Speck is a South Tyrolean family enterprise with passion for bacon, sausages and meat products. After traditional and transmitted recipe refined generations and with very modern processing technologies we produce for over 30 years decent bacon, spicy Kaminwurzen (smoked sausages), Gselchtes (smoked cattle ham) and other high-class specialities.

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Prezzo 15,90 EUR
( 1,59 EUR/100 gr.)

Klosterbitter 50 cl. - Abbazia Novacella South Tyrol

This monastery bitter is made by steeping one-year-old cones and the tips of fresh shoots of dwarf pines (Pinus mugo) in brandy for approx. five months. This imbues the bitter with its typical resinous taste.

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Prezzo 22,30 EUR
( 44,60 EUR/lt.)

Die echten Südtiroler Spezialitäten, Südtiroler Speck, Käse, Weine & italienische Feinkost bequem von zu Hause aus bestellen!

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Crisp Bread Rabanser with kamut hand-shaked 155 gr.
Virkelig godt, men det uden Kamut er bedre og billigere ..
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