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Smoked Sausages "Kaminwurzen" 4 pieces - appr. 320 gr. - Butchery Hell

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We offer you here 4 pieces of Kaminwurzen (smoked sausages) - approx. 320 gr., made the butcher's shop Hell Welsberg in the nice Pustertal in craft way after traditional recipe.

The biggest care and cleanness in the processing are natural, constant high-class controls guarantee freshness and taste of the products. An enterprise strategy which is permanently successful!

In the matter of tradition the butcher's shop Hell Welsberg has to report a lot: as one of the oldest craft small firms of South Tirol (for over 180 years in the family estate) here are produced and marketed the best meat, sausage, and bacon specialities.

For this straordinary performance the butchery Hell did get rewareded in 2000 by trade industrial chamber, craft chamber and agriculture chamber Bolzano.

The Kaminwurzen are a typical South Tyrolean speciality and should not be missing on a typical "Brettljause". Combined with a good matured South Tyrolean cheese and a decently spicy piece of bacon they prove the ideal snack.

On sale the sausages freshly get packed airtight, so we can guarantee a long durability and the safe transport to you. Also after opening the packaging the "Kaminwurzen" hold several weeks, they become harder after opening and tastier, the decently smoky taste becomes even more intensive.

Buy now this product together with Vinschgauer Trenker 300 gr.
Smoked Sausages Vinschgauer Trenker 300 gr.
11,15 EUR
You save: 0,23 EUR
incl. 10 % Tax excl.

Smoked Sausages "Kaminwurzen" 4 pieces - appr. 320 gr. - Butchery Hell
ready for shipment: in stock
  Vinschgauer Trenker 300 gr.
 — ready for shipment: in stock

Buy now this product together with South Tyrolean Salami Roe Deer type Villgrater approx. 190 gr.
Smoked Sausages South Tyrolean Salami Roe Deer type Villgrater approx. 190 gr.
14,06 EUR
You save: 0,29 EUR
incl. 10 % Tax excl.

Smoked Sausages "Kaminwurzen" 4 pieces - appr. 320 gr. - Butchery Hell
ready for shipment: in stock
  South Tyrolean Salami Roe Deer type Villgrater approx. 190 gr.
 — ready for shipment: in stock

Homemade Pasta made durum wheat semolina - Paccheri 500 gr. - Pasta Callari

The climate, the spring water and the soil of this marvelous island add quality and prestige to this product of the highest level: stone milling with dry system at low revolutions to avoid overheating of the product and preserving its organoleptic properties , slow extrusion, bronze drawing, long drying times (30-48 hours) at low temperatures, manual packaging do the rest.

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Prezzo 3,45 EUR
( 0,69 EUR/100 gr.)

Brodofix Delicato 220 gr. - Erbini Bartolomeo

Delicate Brodofix Light Soup 100% Vegetable

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Prezzoinstead 6,20 EUR
5.00% saved
(That is 0,31 EUR)
only 5,89 EUR

( 2,68 EUR/100 gr.)

Occelli al Barolo Beppino Occelli approx. 1 kg.

Hard cheese ewe's milk and bovine milk, Appearance: floral rind with natural moulds - ivory interior, Aroma: mushrooms - meat stock - stock cube herbs, Flavour: harmonic - full flavour - complex oxidant aromas, Consistency: crumbly and crunchy, Maturation: 6-8 months, naturally matured

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Prezzo 48,80 EUR
( 4,88 EUR/100 gr.)

Malghesina / Malghese Angelo Croce approx. 0,75 kg.

Blue cheese bovine milk, Appearance: orange rind - white - herbs, Aroma: mushrooms, Flavour: full flavour - sweet, Consistency: very soft and silky, Maturation: 3 months in the refining cell

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Prezzo 22,65 EUR
( 3,02 EUR/100 gr.)

Surprise Cheese DEGUSTation for 8 persons

To dive into the world of the cheese, to enjoy great moments in society or to give a nice surprise: a DEGUSTation is an ideal opportunity. Let yourselves be carried away in a wonderful world of pleasure by the fanciful created cheese specialities the affineur and cheese pope's Hansi Baumgartner. The arrangement of the DEGUSTation is new every time and it's a surprise. With attached info sheet the order of tasting the single specialities is exactly explained. The DEGUSTation for 8 persons contains at least 7 different cheese types with a total weight of approx. 2 kg. and the fitting chutney(s).

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Prezzo 128,45 EUR

Carciofi alla Caterina Artichokes 314 ml. - L'Orto di Beppe

Artichokes in olive oil.

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Prezzo 9,30 EUR
( 29,62 EUR/lt.)

Die echten Südtiroler Spezialitäten, Südtiroler Speck, Käse, Weine & italienische Feinkost bequem von zu Hause aus bestellen!

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Smoked Sausages "Kaminwurzen" 4 pieces - appr. 320 gr. - Butchery Hell
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