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Swiss Pine Pillow - Forget me not - 40x40 cm - Eschgfeller

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29,45 EUR
incl. 22 % Tax excl.
ready for shipment: in ca. 5 days
Product No.: ESCH-0126
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Let yourself be enchanted and "Sleep finally good again".

Get the magic of the wonderful South Tyrolean mountains with our Swiss Pine Pillows home.

Our cushions are made of 100% cotton and filled with pure Swiss Pine wood chips.

Place the Swiss Pine Pillow just in beside your sleeping position or directly onto the sleeping pillow.
You will be delighted by the scent of pine. You benefit the high content of Swiss Pine in our pillows shown to be responsible for the calming effect. Each of our Swiss Pine cushion is lovingly sewn, filled and packaged by hand to preserve the naturalness of the product start to finish in the best possible ways. We recommend replacing or refilling the Swiss Pine cushion after about one-half to three quarters of a year. If you would like to have the scent more intense, we can recommend our Swiss Pine Oil. This can also be used as a room fragrance in a fragrance lamp. A few drops of our 100% pure natural essential oil are enough to revive the full power of the Swiss Pine even after a long time again. We ourselves do basically not raise the intensification because we appreciate and love the Swiss Pine in its modesty and earthiness. It affects us as it determines the nature for us.

The best care for your Swiss Pine Pillow: Nature.
Place your pillow regularly to fresh, humid air (eg when it rains). The pine can absorbs moisture that it needs. It dispense the absorbed moisture together with its essential Swiss Pine Oil again during drying. Through this care tip your Swiss Pine pillow keeps the pleasant smell much longer. But always keep in mind that our senses and nose quickly "get used" to smells and fragrances are no longer perceived so intense after some time. Do not be fooled, the effect of the Swiss Pine is not dependent on the strength and intensity of the scent, but the wood itself.

Effective against moths:
Swiss Pine Pillow 10×10 Swiss Pine Pillow 10×10 effects that your wardrobe remains moth-free and at the same time smells deliciously of forests. The wood of the Swiss Pine has an antibacterial effect and is therefore ideal for use against moths. The antibacterial effect of the Swiss Pine was scientifically proven by the "Institute for non-invasive diagnostics - Joanneum Research" at the University of Graz. The results show that Swiss Pine in comparison to other tested wood prevents larval development significantly stronger. It can be enhanced with a few drops of Swiss Pine Oil and refreshed regularly, so the effect of the Swiss Pine Pillow persists even longer. In this way moths remain permanently away your wardrobe and your clothes are always wrapped in fresh scent that invigorates your senses and just feels good.

Buy now this product together with Vinschgauer Trenker 300 gr.
Swiss Pine Pillow - Forget me not - 40x40 cm - Eschgfeller Vinschgauer Trenker 300 gr.
33,97 EUR
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incl. 22 % Tax excl.

Swiss Pine Pillow - Forget me not - 40x40 cm - Eschgfeller
ready for shipment: in ca. 5 days
  Vinschgauer Trenker 300 gr.
 — ready for shipment: in stock

Buy now this product together with Herbal shower bath 500 ml. organic certif. - Bergila
Swiss Pine Pillow - Forget me not - 40x40 cm - Eschgfeller Herbal shower bath 500 ml. organic certif. - Bergila
51,90 EUR
You save:
incl. 22 % Tax excl.

Swiss Pine Pillow - Forget me not - 40x40 cm - Eschgfeller
ready for shipment: in ca. 5 days
  Herbal shower bath 500 ml. organic certif. - Bergila
 — ready for shipment: in ca. 5 days

Arolla pine (pinus cembra) - essential oil organic 10 ml. - Bergila

Botanical name: Pinus cembra, Scent: fresh, slight resiny, balsamic, woody, Fragrance note: middle note, Guaranteed quality directly the manufacturer, 100% pure essential oil, Natural aroma for food, To improve and flavor the air, Manufacturing: steam distillation the needles

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Prezzo 9,65 EUR
( 96,50 EUR/100 ml.)

Rosemary ham Steiner approx. 325 gr.

Basic material for this culinary speciality is the imperial part of the pig. With the rosemary on the surface develops the incomparable taste.

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Prezzo 7,20 EUR
( 2,22 EUR/100 gr.)

Vinschgauer Trenker 300 gr.

In order to permit even more distants clients to taste fresh Trenker bread, modern techniques of conservation are utilised. The bread prepared with all the original ingredients is pre-baked at the bakery and packaged with care in a modified atmosphere. In this manner, the bread maintains its natural freshness and is ready for export to nearby countries.

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Prezzo 3,85 EUR
( 1,28 EUR/100 gr.)

Juniper ham Villgrater approx. 500 gr.

Craft high-class ham with juniper crust, cooked, lightly smoked with aromatic juniper taste. Very well suitably as an hors-d'oeuvre or main food.

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Prezzo 9,95 EUR
( 1,99 EUR/100 gr.)

Die echten Südtiroler Spezialitäten, Südtiroler Speck, Käse, Weine & italienische Feinkost bequem von zu Hause aus bestellen!

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