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Red wines

Cason Hirschprunn Red - 2015 - Tenuta Lageder

Very deep, intense cherry red colour. Pronounced aroma with notes of very ripe black and red berries and cherry fruit, paired with oak spice. Full bodied, quite rich and powerful, with very good fruit concentration on the palate. Well balanced, still very youthful. Long, fresh and fruity aftertaste with present tannin.

Pinot Nero Maglen - 2015 - Cantina Termeno

Pinot Nero Riserva - 2013 - Estate Laimburg

Dark ruby red to purple-red in colour. Its primary aroma is reminiscent of mulberry and blackberry. Extraction, astringency and acidity harmonize with the wellintegrated oak aromas.

Cabernet Merlot Ramus Crescendo - 2014 - Winery Ritterhof

This is a cuvee of selected grapes Cabernet and Merlot. The morainic, gravelly and barren soils in combination with the steep and poor slopes give this wine a big complexity of nuances through a perfect harmony between the sort of vine and the wooden notes. The colour is a deep garnet red, the scent is characterised by many nuances of forest berries, intense to the palate with a full and long persistence.

Merlot Calldiv - Winery Von Braunbach

Cabernet Lagrein Kastlet Bio - 2015 - Winery Loacker

St. Magdalener South Tyrol - 2018 - Winery Fliederhof

Cuvee Upupa Red - 2015 - Winery Abraham

Reviews: 5 from 5 stars

Lagrein Staves Riserva - 2015 - Tenuta Kornell

Color: Dark ruby red with light purple reflections Aroma: Elegant, spicy and fruity with notes of chocolate, tobacco and pepper, as well of the flavor of mature Amarena-cherries and a hint of wood Flavor: Elegant and fresh structure with mild and very well bounded tannins, fruity, salty and juicy with a pleasant acidity and a smooth-tongued and elegant finish Best enjoyed: with braised and grilled meats and venison, as well as with tasty-ripened cheese.

Lagrein Latus Crescendo - 2016 - Winery Ritterhof

The Lagrein Crescendo the best sites of Gries and Auer impresses with its dark garnet red up to deep blue colour, with the slight chocolate and fruit of the forest fragrance seduces and convinces the palate with its hearty, full, velvety structure with soft tannins.

Robustus 2016 Tenuta Santerhof - Wilhelm Gasser

Cuvee Rossa Riserva Flora - 2016 - Winery Girlan

Intense ruby red, full and very pleasing to the palate. Light balsamic notes of rosemary and thyme. Certainly an important read wine and particularly suitable for roast meats, game and spicy cheeses.

Merlot Riserva Freiherr Selection - 2016 - cantina Merano

Athos - 2014 - Winery Dolomytos - Panta Rei

Dark yellow color, intensive aromas of Muscat grape, medium body, fine dry taste

Pinot Noir Riserva Exclusiv - 2015 - Winery Plonerhof

Merlot - Cabernet Soma - 2016 - Winery Kurtatsch

The approach to the palate is solid and lush, with a rush of fleshy dark wild berries, while nuanced tannins give the round body a stable balance and a good constitution for a lengthy aging in the bottle.

Reviews: 5 from 5 stars

Elda - 2014 - Winery Nusserhof

Pinot Noir Jansen - 2018 - Winery Ritterhof

This Pinot Nero is cultiveted on the sunny slopes below Montan and convinces by its ruby red colour and the typical fruity aroma slightly of vanilla. Its taste is full and long persisting.

Pinot Noir Alto Adige - 2017 - Winery Lageder Alois

Medium ruby colour with a garnet shimmer. Clean, uplifted somewhat earthy varietal aroma: notes of red fruit, cherries and some spiciness. Fruity, mild flavour, medium bodied. Fresh finish with good length. Elegant style.

Pinot Noir Riserva Thalmann - 2017 - Cantina Bolzano South Tyrol

ruby red color, pleasant, varietal aromas of undergrowth and wild berries. fruity, hadrmonious wine with body and velvety full-ness.

Pinot Noir Riserva Passion - 2015 - vine cellar St. Pauls

Cabernet Istrice Barrique HB 0,375 lt. - 2014 - Elena Walch

A barrique-aged, classy red wine at an affordable price

St. Magdalener South Tyrol - 2017 - Winery H. Lun

On the southern slopes surrounding Bolzano, the Schiava and Lagrein grapes ripen, which this round red wine is made. The velvety taste and the typical aroma with hints of almonds and violets give character to this appreciated wine.

Pinot Noir Riserva Praepositus - 2015 - winery Neustift

Lagrein South Tyrol - 2018 - Winery Fliederhof

Merlot Riserva Siebeneich - 2016 - Cantina Bolzano

Description: fruity, harmonious wine with body and velvety full-ness.

St. Magdalener klassisch DOC - 2017 - Kellerei Rottensteiner

Cabernet Sauvignon Riserva - 2015 - Winery Kurtatsch

"Freienfeld" Cabernet is a single varietal Cabernet Sauvignon that represents the quintessence of quality winegrowing in Kurtatsch. Only when weather conditions have produced an optimal vintage is a "Freienfeld" produced.

St. Magdalener classic Antheos - S. Maddalena - 2018 - Ansitz Waldgries Winery

Selection 01 Merlot Cabernet Bernardi - cantina Termeno

Cabernet Sauvignon COR Römigberg - 2016 - Tenuta Lageder

Very deep, intense cherry-red colour. Pronounced, complex aroma, fruity (cherry, blackcurrant) and spicy, with floral notes (tobacco, violets, mint) combined with elegant oak spice. Quite powerful and rich on the palate, with an intense, strong taste and a long lasting, fresh and fruity aftertaste. The tannins are rather strong though well balanced with the sweetness of the wine's fruit structure.

Reviews: 4 from 5 stars

Lago di Caldaro Plantadisch - 2017 - Winery Klosterhof South Tyrol

Cabernet Riserva - 2012 - Winery H. Lentsch

Merlot Fihl - 2016 - Winery Peter Dipoli

FIHL is the ancient name of VILLA, a hamlet located North of Egna. Here is where the winery is located.

Merlot MCM - 2015 - Tenuta Lageder

deep, intense cherry-red colour with ruby tints. Pronounced, complex aroma with concentrated fruity notes (red and black berries), delicate spice impressions (juniper, liquorice) combined with elegant oak. Quite powerful and rich on the palate. Long lasting with a fresh aftertaste and well balanced tannins.

Merlot Mollis Crescendo - 2015 - Winery Ritterhof

temperature controlled fermentation in apposite containers and 14 month maturation in barrique and big wooden barrels Organoleptic characteristic: This Merlot grows on morainic, gravelly and barren soils, has a garnet red colour, a bouquet of blackberries and raspberries, it is characteristic and hearty to the palate. This is a wine for experts.

Merlot - 2016 - Winery Franz Haas South Tyrol

Pinot Noir South Tyrol - 2016 - Winery Abraham

Merlot Alto Adige Festival - 2016 - cantina Merano Burggräfler

Lagrein South Tyrol - 2018 - Winery Egger-Ramer

Lagrein Riserva Passion - 2015 - vine cellar St. Pauls

Lagrein vom Boden South Tyrol - 2018 - Pfannenstielhof

Deep, dark ruby, attractive aroma of blackberry and blueberry fruit, soft and rich on the palate. A delicious wine characterised by fruit sweetness and generosity, velvety though with assertive, sweet tannins.

Pinot Noir South Tyrol - 2015 - Winery Marinushof

The flagship of the Marinushof is the Pinot Noir stored in the small oaken barrel. With strict selection in the vineyard this red wine becomes more intensive, more spicy, more complex. The oaken barrels are partly new, partly used, because the Pinot's fruit must have priority. With the strong profit limitation in the vineyard the wine wins in depth and strength. A Pinot who makes us a lot of joy and can be stored long.

Cuvee Rosso Amistar HB 0,375 lt. - 2016 - Winery Peter Sölva & Söhne

This red wine cuvèe convinces by its versatility in aroma and palette. The aroma reminds one of forest fruits and dried plums and is lightly supported by wood. It is distinguished by its full and elegant palette and its balance. It is a complex red wine for discerning epicures.

Lagrein Riserva South Tyrol - 2016 - Winery Fliederhof

Reviews: 5 from 5 stars

Merlot Profil - 2017 - Wine manufactory Profil Roberto Ferrari

S. Maddalena Classico Schloterpöck - 2017 - Winery Kandlerhof

Reviews: 3 from 5 stars

Cabernet Sauvignon Riserva - 2016 - Winery Griesbauerhof

Dark garnet in colour with delicate aromas of blackcurrant and eucalyptus. Rich full-bodied and sinewy with smooth, velvety tannins; excellent length.

Meraner Hügel South Tyrol - 2018 - Winery Pardellerhof

Tender Ruby-red, fresh smell reminding in raspberries and cherries, mild-soft however stimulating taste.

Lagrein - 2017 - Winery Larcherhof South Tyrol

dark ruby red colour, tannic and strong body. Best paired: to game, wild poultry, darker meats and cheeses.

Merlot Ywain - 2016 - Winery Loacker

There is a Romanesque fresco cycle dating around 2012 in Schloss Rodeneck castle near Bressanone. The frescos depict motifs the Celtic - French 'Ywain' ('Wine') saga. They recount how relations at the time must have been extremely far-reaching, manifested both in the style of the paintings and in the content. Merlot has both style and content.

Vernatsch Schiava South Tyrol - 2018 - Winery Prackfol

An extremely well-balanced wine, ruby red in color, with fruity aromas of raspberries, strawberries and cherries, and notes of bitter almond. Well-rounded in taste and pleasantly fresh. In short, a varietal wine of notable drinkability.
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