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White wines

Gewürztraminer Praepositus - 2016 - Winery Neustift

Gewürztraminer Feld - 2018 - Winery Kobler Armin

Reviews: 4 from 5 stars

Müller Thurgau South Tyrol - 2017 - Winery Kurtatsch

An aromatic, light white wine, Greenish-yellow to straw yellow

Pinot Grigio Aristos - 2018 - Cantina Valle Isarco

elegant, full white wine with a long finish COLOUR: greenish-yellow to light yellow NOSE: full, pleasant, rounded TASTE: aromatic, robust, spiced

Sauvignon Quintessenz - 2017 - Winery Caldaro

Golden yellow with tinges of green, the wine has a fruity nose of ripe gooseberries, apples and peach. On the palate, it displays a juiciness balanced by a melting warmth, with a mineral and elegantly fruity finish.

Chardonnay Glassier - 2017 - Winery Glassierhof - Stefan Vaja

Sauvignon Sanct Valentin Magnum - 2018 - Winery S. Michele Appiano

A wine that enchants with its name alone. A white wine the highest level of winery techniques which permits no errors. The result of a harvest that qualitatively and quantitatively allows no compromises. A Sauvignon of light, greenish colour, with aromas of wild elder blossoms and figs, gently spicy, convincing on the palate, fine, dry, balanced, and long lasting. A wine which in its comple - teness radiates harmony and strength, fullness and elegance. An ideal aperitif and accompaniment to many appetizers, especially vegetables, fish dishes, and cheeses.

Grüner Veltliner - 2018 - cantina Neustift Alto Adige

Vivid green herb and pepper nose with lots of intensity; concentrated, ripe, full and delicately aromatic on the palate with a subtle herby lift; long with a hint of spice on the finish.

Sauvignon Flora - 2016 - Winery Girlan

An intense bouquet of nettle and elderflower and a fresh lively flavour are typical qualities of this wine. The mineral nature and fresh acidity balance out in the aromas.

Manzoni Bianco Incrocio IGT - 2016 - Winery Maso Thaler - Motta

The wine is fine and delicate, with an excellent body and structure. It is straw yellow in color. The nose is aromatic, subtle and elegant, with tones of peach, apple, and tropical fruit, with a flowery bouquet. The taste is savory and mineral. It is ideal as an aperitiv wine and as accompaniment to appetizers, pasta dishes, soft cheeses, fish, shellfish, and white meats.

Solaris Primus - 2017 - Winery Santerhof - Wilhelm Gasser

Pinot Blanc Eich - 2018 - Tenuta Kornell

Pale straw yellow, strong fruity flavours of ripe apples, a hint of elder flowers, spicy, elegant and intensive; with lively freshness, sumptuous fullness, hint of mineral as well as a long and intensive finish.

Appius - 2014 - Winery S. Michele Alto Adige Appiano

Pinot Bianco South Tyrol - 2018 - vine cel. Nals-Margreid

Thanks to the elevated location of Penon village, accentuated elegance, crisp freshness and distinct acidity characterize our Pinot Blanc. The late harvest in October encourages persistence and opulence through a stimulating bouquet of apple and pineapple. A suitable appetizer as an aperitif, and a fruity-fresh companion to light starters, fish dishes and white meats. On the slopes of Margreid is planted the Penon vineyard with its pure limestone gravel soils.

Pinot Grigio Benefizium Porer - 2018 - wine cellar Lageder Alois

Brilliant straw-yellow colour. Very perfumed, rich, slightly smoky, uplifted varietal aroma paired with elegant oak spice. Clean, grapey, full-bodied flavour, quite soft and creamy, delicate and with a fresh finish. Remarkably long and spicy on the palate.

Sylvaner Eisack Valley - 2018 - Winery Kuenhof

Reviews: 5 from 5 stars

Sylvaner Eisack Valley - 2017 - Manni Nössing Hoandlhof

Sauvignon Oyéll - 2015 - Podere Provinciale Laimburg

Müller Thurgau Alto Adige - 2018 - winery Terlano

color: pale yellow; aroma: light aromatic with a gentle fragrance of tropical fruits; taste: dry, medium bodied, with a fruity well balanced acidity

Viognier LeVIOGN - 2017 - Winery Tröpfltalhof

Müller Thurgau Eisack Valley - 2018 - Winery Pacherhof

Müller Thurgau is a tasty white wine with a greenish to light yellow colour. The fragrance is flowery and evokes grass and nutmeg. The taste is freshly aromatic.

Sauvignon Sanct Valentin DOC - 2018 - 0,375 lt. - Kellerei St. Michael - Eppan

Sylvaner Alte Reben Eisack Valley - 2018 - Winery Pacherhof

Terlaner Weißburgunder Eichhorn Biodynamisch DOC - 2010 - Kellerei Manincor

Sauvignon Passion - 2015 - vine cellar St. Pauls

Sparkling bright straw-yellow in colour. An intensive flavour with hints of elder flower, some paprika and tropical fruits. Distinct and nononsense palatable acidity and very impressive length.

Sauvignon Preyda Biodynamisch DOC - 2016 - Weingut Seppi

Sauvignon Gennen - 2018 - vine cel. Nals-Margreid

Our Sauvignon Gennen presents itself racy, with a fresh structure. Rooting in deep gravel soils, it features distinctive saltiness and an aromatic body with notes of elderflower, grapefruit and citrus fruits. Its fresh and smooth finish makes the Sauvignon Gennen an enjoyable aperitif wine and a perfect match for vegetable dishes and fish.

Gewürztraminer Eisack Valley Dionysos - 2018 - Winery Zöhlhof

Chardonnay - Pinot Grigio Beta Delta - 2018 - Tenuta Lageder

Bright, light straw yellow colour with a green tinge. Quite perfumed, rich aroma with mineral notes; impressions of ripe subtropical fruits. Well balanced flavour, medium bodied, with good persistency on the palate. Nice citrus touches and an attractive crisp, fresh fruit aftertaste. Good length.

Riesling Eisack Valley - 2018 - Tenuta Taschlerhof - Wachtler P.

Müller Thurgau South Tyrol SOFI - 2018 - Winery Franz Haas

Müller Thurgau wine is a lively straw-yellow colour, with a fragrance that recalls notes of nutmeg, fresh fruit, peaches and flowers (yellow primroses), ending on a very pleasant, elegant, full-bodied taste. With its convincing simplicity and fresh acidity the wine is already captivating while still young.

Pinot Bianco Riserva Passion - 2015 - vine cellar St. Pauls

A wine that impresses with its complexity and sophisticated aroma of peaches and apples and is very textured on the palate with mineral tones.

Cuvée Tirolensis Dolomiten Weinberg Blanc - 2016 - Tirolensis Ars Vini

Sissi Passito 0,375 lt. - 2016 - Cantina Merano Burggräfler

Riesling Rain - 2018 - cantina Lageder Alois

Brilliant straw yellow colour with a light green shimmer. Clean, quite pronounced varietal aroma with refined fruity notes (peach, pear). Dry, medium bodied, well balanced, grapey flavour with a crisp, refreshing finish and persistent aftertaste. The lively acidity is well integrated in the wine's fruit structure.

Private Cuvée - 2016 - Winery Pacherhof

Chardonnay Ateyon Bio - 2016 - Winery Loacker

Grape variety: 90% Chardonnay, 10% Kerner. Recommended to grilled fish, sophisticated meat dishes and even desserts.

Chardonnay Altkirch DOC - 0,375 lt. - Kellerei Schreckbichl

Moscato Giallo Vinalia - 2016 - winery Bolzano

Gewürztraminer Crescendo Auratus - 2018 - Winery Ritterhof

Selected grapes make this a special Gewürztraminer Wine: golden yellow in color, aromatic with typical roses and geraniums notes in the odor, he impresses with its elegant, fruity spiciness and freshness in the taste. Recommendation: As an apertif. Suits spicy dishes, to fried fish, particulary crabs and lobster.

Chardonnay DOC - 0,375 lt. - Kellerei Rottensteiner

Riesling Pitzon - 2017 - vine cel. Nals-Margreid

Originating moraine soils with traces of primitive rock, our Pitzon Riesling features aromas of apricot and peach and notes of spicy hay. With an appealing acidity and lively opulence, the pleasant fruit flavors freshly and harmoniously unfold on the palate. Superb as an aperitif and an excellent pairing with light starters, pasta, risotto and fish.

Sauvignon South Tyrol - 2018 - Winery Maso Thaler - Motta

Kerner Graf von Meran - 2018 - Cantina Merano Burggräfler

Pinot Blanc Anna Turmhof - 2017 - Winery Tiefenbrunner

Moscato Giallo Vogelmaier - 2018 - Winery Alois Lageder

Color: bright-yellow with a green shimmer. Nose: highly aromatic, floral, ripe fuits (white peach), spicy.Flavour: medium-bodied, intense bouquet, well-balanced, grapey-fruity, fresh, dry.

Gewürztraminer Eisack Valley Hautnah - 2018 - Tenuta Garlider - Christian Kerschbaumer

It is a straw to golden yellow colour. Gewürztraminer is an aromatic and fullbodied white wine, with a light to marked odour and pleasant dry, lightly spicy aromas. Other seasonings such as cloves, roses and Lychees are also evident, thus giving it an unmistakable bouquet.

Cuvée EWA - 2017 - Elena Walch

The EWA blend (Elena WAlch) steps up in strong yellow and a delicate, aromatically distinguished bouquet of floral notes, some rose petals and spicy herbal notes. Fresh and youthfully light, characterized by the blend, it is convincing on the palate with elegant and juicy structure as well as a stimulating finish. Matching: Serve as an aperitif, hearty first courses, white meats and asian cousine.

LR Riserva - 2015 - Winery Colterenzio

Pinot Blanc Riserva Five Years - 2012 - Winery Merano Burggräfler

Gentle pressing of the whole grapes with natural sedimentation. Fermentation and ageing partly in large oak barrels and steel barrels for 12 months. Then assemblage and further storage on the fine yeast in steel barrels for 4 years.

Sauvignon Andrius - 2018 - Winery Andrian

Colour: light straw-yellow with green reflexes; Aroma: complex bouquet with apricot and elderflower nuances underlined with light woody notes; Taste: good structure, harmonious acidity with a long finish.

Aurum - 2018 - Winery Zöhlhof

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