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Cut Cheese

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Schnittkäse Südtirol
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Reviews: 3 from 5 stars

Mentha Cheese DEGUST ca. 700 gr.

Cut cheese bovine milk, Appearance: decorated with mint sheets, Aroma: mint - peppermint - milk, Flavour: pepper - freshly, Consistency: elastic, Maturation: 6 weeks in the mint bed

Deutschnofner caraway cheese dairy Learner loaf app. 3,5 kg.

Cut cheese bovine milk, Appearance: orange cylinders, Aroma: intensely after caraway, Flavour: spicy, Consistency: rubbery - melting, Maturation: until 6 months.

De Vin Lagrein Wein Cheese DEGUST approx. 1,2 kg.

Cut cheese bovine milk, Appearance: boredeaux - coloured rind - interior milky white, Aroma: slightly alcoholic - wine - freshly - baked bread, Flavour: neutral, Consistency: dry - rubbery, Maturation: 3 months in the refining cell

Reviews: 5 from 5 stars

Cheese Pfefferer - Pepper and Onion - Cheese Dairy Lagunda whole loaf approx. 2,5 kg.

Flavor: slightly bitter to piquant, also slightly acidic, but not acidic. Consistency: supple, but not short or crumbly.

Reviews: 2.5 from 5 stars

Pustertaler smoked cheese approx. 2 kg. - Dairy Three Peaks - Bernardi

The Pustertaler smoked cheese is a mild to slightly spicy cut-cheese with tender to mild, not resinous smoke taste and steady

Rieserferner Cheese of raw milk approx. 3,5 kg. Neuhaushof

Raw milk cheese Rieserferner, ripened approx. 2 months, cultivated with Brevibacterium linsens, Taste: purely, hamoniusly.

was 226,55 €

Pustertaler Bergkäse Mila whole form approx. 9.7 kg.

The cheese, which is soft in texture and contains small holes, takes its natural, balanced flavour the creamy high-altitude milk which conceals all the fascinating secrets of traditional cheese-making processes in this area.

Burgeiser Classic Cheese Dairy Burgeis loaf approx. 10 kg.

Cut cheese bovine milk, Appearance: cylinder form with convex edge, Aroma: milk aromas, Flavour: sweet, Consistency: very soft, Maturation: approx. 6 months, bunker.

Rosy Goat's Cheese in Moscato Rosa wine DEGUST loaf app. 2,2 kg.

Cut cheese goat milk Appearance: pink rind - porcelain white interior Aroma: fruity - slight yeasty scent Flavour: sweet - spicy - harmonic Consistency: rubbery Maturation: 3 months in the refining cell.

Deutschnofner farm cheese dairy Learner loaf app. 3,5 kg.

Cut cheese bovine milk, Appearance: orange cylinders, Aroma: mountain spices, Flavour: harmonius - lightly salted, Consistency: rubbery - melting, Maturation: 6 months.

Sixtus Salix Cheese DEGUST whole loaf approx. 1,5 kg.

Cheese type: Cut Cheese goat milk; Appearance: covered with Sixtus Beer (Forst) and crisp bread; Aroma: yeast, fine goat notes, bread crust; Flavour: goat milk, aromatic; Consistency: elastic and friable

Hay milk cheese PANE loaf approx. 700 gr. - Dairy Three Peaks

Pane is a sweet and mild semi-hard cheese with a smooth consistency and a fine bread spice aroma. The rind is young and soft.

Hay milk cheese VINO loaf approx. 700 gr. - Dairy Three Peaks

The Vino is a speciality refined with red wine and convinces all those who appreciate something special. The cheese dough is supple, soft and distinguished by its unmistakable aroma. The aromatic soft rind should definitely be eaten.

was 273,00 €

Farmers cheese Alpine Dairy Three Mountains loaf approx. 11 kg.

Tasty cut-cheese with typical aroma the Alpine dairy Three Mountains - Toblach

Cheese fr. high mountain huts in Lagrein wine DEGUST appr. 5 kg

Cut cheese bovine raw milk, Appearance: rind with grape mark - bright strawy - yellow interior, Aroma: scent of pastures - wine-like aromas, Flavour: nuts - chocolate - full-flavoured, Consistency: soft - rubbery, Maturation: 6-15 months

Hoamatkas Alp Cheese in Hay DEGUST loaf approx. 5.5 kg.

Cut cheese bovine raw milk, Appearance: wrapped in hay, Aroma: hay, Flavour: full - well - rounded flavour, Consistency: rubbery - crumbly, Maturation: 5-12 months in barrique

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Die echten Südtiroler Spezialitäten, Südtiroler Speck, Käse, Weine & italienische Feinkost bequem von zu Hause aus bestellen!

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